flocculants system for bentonite in cameroon

evaluation of the performance of dual polyelectrolyte systems on

apr 29 to monitor the flocculation and re-flocculation processes supplying information about the floc size and structure since inorganic materials namely bentonite have been widely used to improve the re-flocculation capacity of polyelectrolytes the results of using dual polyelectrolyte systems were compared

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flocculants schlumberger

we provide specially formulated flocculants used to increase the viscosity of water-base drilling fluids to enhance hole cleaning our flocculants are also used to increase bentonite yield and to clarify or dewater low-solids fluids

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bentonite clay for industrial waterwaste treatment

bentonite clay the many uses of bentonite clay range from coagulant to filter aid it is a highly effective chemical in granular form for the purification of wastewater and bentonite clay can be dispersed into the treatment tank manually with a measuring scoop or continuously with a dry feed system providing easy-to-use

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