carbon loaded hopper for perovskite in uganda

enhancing the performance and stability of carbon-based perovskite

the cold isostatic pressing method was used as a post-treatment process for enhancing the power conversion efficiency and stability of carbon-based perovskite solar cells without hole transport materials

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highly conductive na-embedded carbon nanowalls for hole

new generation solar cells are necessary to replace current silicon solar panels for low cost and high energy conversion efficiency the perovskite photovoltaic device is a rising star among the 3rd generation solar cells due to its rapidly increased energy conversion efficiency recently invented na-embedded carbon

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high performance carbon-based printed perovskite solar cells with

we report humidity assisted thermal exposure hte as a post-treatment method for carbon based printed perovskite solar cells cpscs the method does not only improve the interfaces of different layers of the printed stack but also provides a pathway to fabricate high performance cpscs with low hysteresis

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